About TenantGenius

Up-to-date credit and risk information by Lumbermens Credit Group

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We specialize in developing risk data applications that help individuals and businesses better manage and mitigate risk. Our latest offering, TenantGenius, is designed to provide up-to-date credit and risk information to our members, who have trusted us since 1915 to deliver high-quality data and analysis.

Thanks to our real-time investigation and database of information, Lumbermens Credit Group can offer a comprehensive range of services that help our members make informed decisions and improve their overall risk profile. Our reporting services are particularly useful for facilitating credit applications and account reviews, as they provide the latest and most accurate information available.

By relying on us rather than outdated credit reporting companies, our members can significantly reduce their risk of application fraud and other credit-related issues. With over 100 years of experience in the field, we’re confident that our risk data applications are the best in the business.